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INANA is looking for ways to make solidarity not only accessible to everyone, but also enriching, stimulating and resilient for everyone.

It is in this approach that, as part of World Refugee Day INANA launched the call for united creativity, inviting people from all over the world to create an art piece to support the access to primary healthcare for displaced individuals, presently stranded in Greece. 

The art pieces received from citizens from all over the world are sold onine in the form of postcards for the benefit of the medical organization Med’Equali Team, which provides primary health services to people currently detained in Vathy camp on the island of Samos.

Each one of us, young and old, people from here or elsewhere, professionals, amateurs can particiapte to generating more inclusive realities, through our particular experiences, skills, knowledge, desires.

Med’EqualiTeam is a medical NGO providing free primary health care for people living in the refugee camp on the island of Samos, in Greece - initially planned for 650 people, it currently hosts around 7,100 individuals.
In a clinic located near the camp, the team receives between 100 and 200 patients, a third of which are children, providing medical consultations, dressings, physiotherapy and glasses.

Outside the clinic, Med’Equali Team offers weekly health workshops on topics like sexual health, mental health, diet, childhood illnesses, etc.

The profits collected by the sale of works of art by INANA will be fully given to the organization of Med’Equali Team to contribute to the costs related to the operation of their clinic.


Creative fund raising art gallery

Artists from different parts of the world sent us their art work to contribute to the Creative Art Funding project for Med'Equali Team. 

We thank each and all of them and are happy to introduce you to their work in the following gallery. 

Dominique Richard - Strasbourg, France. 

Pablo Izquierdo - Santiago de Chile, Chile

Groupe SOS - Paintings by a group of young unaccomapnied minors  - Strasbourg, France